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    1. Tommaso's (formally Lupo's) Neapolitan Restaurant <++++>

    2. 1042 Kearny Street
      San Francisco, CA USA
      415- 398-9696
      They have the best Pizza in The world. It is cooked in the original OAK Burning, Brick oven. the Aroma is part of the place, from the open hearth. Their Broccoli Salad is a delight. Tell Carmen Crotti Hello! Parking in San Francisco has always been a challenge, however, since we have been going over on BART it is a breeze to ravel in the City. We park free in Pleasanton or Castro Valley and the ride is quicker than driving and cheaper than parking or the bridge. We use SR. Tickets and it only cost us $4.00 for $16.00 worth of rides, net less than the bridge toll. Once in the city take the 15 Muni from the Montgomery Station to Columbus and Broadway. Walk one block toward the water (east) and down two doors. Going back you cross Columbus and wait for the 15 Muni in front of the City Lights (Beat) book store. Are you daring? Take a look... Grin...You can also catch the 15 north of fisherman's wharf. If you are worried take a cab; it is still cheaper than driving.
    3. Strings <++++>

      Oakdale Rd at Floyd
      Modesto, CA
      The best Cafe Salad. We just ate there last week and it is still great and that Salad is to kill for.
    4. *Alfredo's Italian Cuisine <++++>


  1. Fast Eddies, MOAB (Meal on a Bun) <++++>

  2. Tully Rd at Roseburg
    Modesto, CA
    1950's Hamburger Drive Inn, Great Patty Melt. The owner is a Skydiver.
  3. Minne's Chinese <++++>
  4. McHenry at 5 points (Needham)
    Modesto, CA
    Best ribs in town

  5. Mimi's, French
    Dale Rd at the mall next to The Elephant Bar, both are good and have Lamb Shanks.
  6. Mings Chinese <++++>
    On McHenry at Orangeburg
  7. Paper Moon Chinese <++++>
    Downtown on J, between 10th and 11th Parking garage in the ally.
    Quiet and romantic with excellent service and reasonable. Specialty dishes. One of our favorites. 
  8. Panda Chinese <++++>
    Chain but their BBQ pork and Orange chicken is the best in town. We like the Briggsmore Sisk outlet best.
  • Others:
    1. Happy Garden Chinese Cuisine. 1413 Main Street, Newman. We enjoyed their dinners and they were very good. I had a sweet and sour pork dinner and Carol had a shrimp dinner. The prices were normal. One of my customers told me about the new opening and they were right it was great. They have a great menu with a huge selection including a business lunch as well as a luncheon special. They are open 11 AM to 9 PM. (Haven't been there for a while)
    2. The Old Mill 9th and Needham site is closed and has reopened at 9Th and F Street. Plenty of parking. Biggest portions in town with great breakfast and lunch and dinner specials. Open 5 AM to 3 PM. They are in the new building now where Smitty's used to be. Come on by and rub elbows with the elite of Modesto. The train does not go down 9th any more but you can still hear them a block away. The old building was over a 100 years old and has been the place to eat in Modesto for many years. Still the best place in town but in a new place at 9Th and F Street. 
    3. Hanna's Bakery
      901 N Carpenter Rd #14 (209) 544-8133
      Great sandwiches and desserts.


    Sea Food

    1. Scotts
      Jack London's Square, Oakland, CA
      Sea food on the water <+++++> 
    2. Fish Factory
      Moss Landing Hard to find <++++>
    3. Fisherman's Galley
      3008 Mc Henry Ave (209) 527-3450
    4. Red Lobster
      3000 Sisk Rd (209) 529-3033  Red Lobster
    5. Mallard's
      1700 Mc Henry Ave (209) 522-3825

    <++++> personal rating based on type of eatery <+> good; <++++> excellent

    * This link is a great explanation on finding out of the way places. Let me know if it changes. How to find a great down to earth place to eat...

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    Places to visit:

    San Francisco

    The City of San Francisco is a special place. Golden Gate Park and the Marina Green are fun places. Don't miss Ford Point and the Golden Gate Bridge. The exploratorium and The Palace of Fine Arts are a must. The deYoung and the Aquarium  are closed). Fisherman's Wharf is also a must for lunch, Old San Francisco Sour Dough French bread found no where else. Our favorite lunch is French bread and cracked crab down at the water's edge on the Marina Green. Don't leave with out a visit to pier39 and the street shows along the way. A trip up to Coit Tower (Fireman's fire nozzle as a monument) and then across the way to steepest, crookedest street, that is Lombard off Hyde. A trip to San Francisco with out a ride on the Famous Cable Cars and the drive through China Town would be a waste. BART is the best way to get to the city today with all the traffic. Park free at Pleasanton or Castro Valley and get off at Embarcadero. Then take the N lite rail out to the beach and Golden Gate Park. It also goes past the Haight too. The K line goes to Fisherman's Wharf and the Castro. Good cheap eats across the street at #1 Market Building. The Zoo is on the L lite rail and the MUNI goes everywhere else. Over 65 it only costs $.35. Take the Ferry all over the Bay from the Ferry Building Across the Street. Bus 15 takes you to the Broadway area for good eats. The main thing we go to San Francisco for, is to dine at Tommaso's (Next). Places to Eat: 

    More on San Francisco day trips:

    The aquarium is now located at the Mosconi center while they are rebuilding the old building in Golden Gate Park. It is accessed by way of BART from the montgumery station. Head south out of the station 2 to 4 blocks. On the roof you will find the old Carrousel that used to be located in Playland at the Beach. It has been restored and the best ride around. Is even better than the old restored one at Fflyshackers Zoo. The zoo trip is easy if you take the l lite rail line and walk one block south to the entrance.

    Anyway back at the Playland Carrousel, after your ride check out the fish and if you are into ice skating, the rink is usually open across the play yard. The children's craft expo is another site to visit. If you are hungry they have some good restaurants past the fountains through the park. After lunch an IMAX show is just the ticket. They also have a great game room too.

    Time for dinner? walk back up to Market and take the k line (streetcars) to Fisherman's Wharf or stop off at Market one for some soup. Keep your transfer... If you stop off at Market one stroll across the street and take a ferry across the bay from the restored Ferry Building. If you did not eat or are still hungry use your transfer and continue over to the Wharf. If money is no object A'Sabella is the choice,  A. Sabella's Restaurant 2766 Taylor Street 3rd Floor (415) 771-6775. You take an elevator up. Web Site

    After dinner walk up to the cable car station at Bay and Taylor. This is the Powel line and stops at the BART station . Get a day pass if you plan on transferring on Nob HILL at California. This car goes to Van Ness and you can ride it back to the embarcadero where the first BART station is located. If you get off any MUNI take a transfer to get back on. Seniors ride for $.35 a ride for 4 hours. 

    We usually have dinner at Tommaso's and the 15 bus takes you there from Bay Street south of the wharf opposite pier 24 - 39. see above.



    Jack London Square; Oakland, CA. 

    We went down to Jack London Square on a Saturday a while back on the Amtrak from Modesto. We left about 8:30 AM ad arrived in Oakland about 11:30 AM after a great ride through Stockton, Pittsburgh, Martinez, Richmond, and Emeryville. The water sights were wonderful and it is so relaxing as we sat there looking at all the wild life; with out traffic.

    Upon arrival we walked around and looked at all the shops and stores including all the eateries until we came to Scott's. The menu was what we came for and after being seated at the waters edge, I looked around and it seemed so familiar that I asked and was informed it used to be the old Sea Wolf. I had a mixed sea food sauté and Carol had calamari both were out of this world and the best we ever had. I like vegetables and they were superb and the special bread was unsurpassed. After lunch we took the bus up to 12th and Broadway and took the BART over to Embarcadero in San Francisco. We walked over to California and took the cable car up to Powel and changed to the cable car going to the wharf. We walked around, shopped and had a Starbuck coffee before getting back on the cable car. When we go to Market we went down and got on BART back to Oakland and took the bus back to the Square where we continued to shop. Carol looked good in the hat we got that matched her new coat. We were so tired by then we walked over to the station and waited a half hour for our train back home. Once on the train we had dinner in the dinning car and enjoyed the rest of the trip sipping an after dinner coffee and the cookies we got at Cost Plus. Next time we are going to take the BART from Pleasanton and spend more time on the wharf and see the cable car museum. 

    Some of my favorite Things:

    1. Food; Pizza, Lamb Shanks, Eggs Benedict, and Fish done right. Bistros. 
    2. Towns; Carmel and Monterey (Singapore)
    3. State; California
    4. Areas; Mountains and Back Packing (Yosemite and Emigrant, but too old now to do it. Someone help me?)
    5. Places; Old Sacramento and Fisherman's Wharf
    6. Place to be on Sunday is Church.

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