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Our rates make it easy to test the Internet market. We will make a Home Page for you or your Organization for only $10.00. Your page would be similar to this page in layout, but can be arranged as you like. You provide the information included on your page. I would include related Links to your application. We also provide a second page for an extra $5.00.

Our monthly charge is $5.00 per page. If there are any changes required later, we charge an hourly based fee on a given estimate. With these rates, you will be able to test the traffic before investing a lot of money. We have a good rating on search engines.

We also provide E-Mail forwarding and FAX service. Ordering forms can be set up also.

If you would like to see a sample of our pages check out the Links below. Let us work up a sample for you and as soon as we receive your $10.00 you will be in business.

Your address would be: This makes a neat address on your business cards and advertisements.

If you already have a webpage we can edit it for you and update your data.

If I can answer any questions about web pages, please leave me E-Mail.

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