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We meet Sundays for Worship Service at 11 AM and we usually have bible study at 10:30 AM. Please call to confirm the time and location. Call to confirm our meetings if you plan to attend, as we may be out of town visiting our home church or at the Rest Home Service. We also preach weekly at a local rest home. I offer counseling for young married, smokers, and other problems, including abuse. Special studies are available on request. We can provide in home Bible Studies. We preach the Bible and believe God saves sinners by His Grace. Our meeting place has changed so please call to find where we will be meeting. Children are welcomed. We support Missionaries all over the world.  We are sponsored by the Cordova Missionary Baptist Church in Sacramento, CA.


News: Update

Our ministry has been related to the missionary work in India through Dr. Abraham T. Thomas. He came to our mission in the 1980's and we helped send him to India as a full time missionary under the authority of  Landmark Missionary Baptist Church in Hayward. He is now endorsed by The Cordova Missionary Baptist Church. Part of his ministry is overseeing the Seminary in India as President under the Authority of the Local Church there.

Our burden is for the support and needs of , Bro Abraham, the School, Faculty, and Building.  The previous location of the Seminary has been made available for their use; and is located on private property so they can still use it for local classes. The new Seminary building is finished, occupied and is paid for. They have received the Government license to continue this great work.

I have been to India and can speak first hand concerning this great work. I was there in 1999 teaching and visiting churches. I hope to be able to return again in the future. When I was there and visited churches, they were way out in the jungles and only rough rutted roads got us there. Only paths were used to get to the meeting building and they would travel on foot for hours at night to get there. The hunger for the truth was amazing and God has really blessed these members. They sit on the dirt floor for hours during the preaching. Some say how can this be? God is the reason and who opens the heart and they believe and hunger for the truth that only comes through Jesus Christ. He is opening hearts all over India and Brother Abraham is calling them out with the gospel and God brings them to the throne of grace. The rule in India is; “you need to fish out side of the boat where they are”.  Amen…


Dave Gustafson  Modesto, CA Dec. 2016.

Whatever the reason for the attacks, added another Christian worker, "even the founder of the nation, Nehru, warned the Indian people not to persecute Christians unless they wanted to spread Christianity. We need to pray that where there is persecution it will create a spiritual hunger for the truth."



Grace Landmark Baptist Mission of

Cordova MBC in Sacramento, CA.

Po Box 5323 Modesto, CA 95350

(209) 529-1026  

The work is ongoing in India related to Brother Abraham Thomas, the Seminary, and the new building. Dr. Abraham T. Thomas is now endorsed by the Cordova Missionary Baptist Church and the Modesto Mission will coordinate the India Mission support. Dave is a member of the same church.


Please feel confident in us here in the Modesto Mission, as we continue to support the work in India faithfully as we have been doing all these years. We hope you and your church will continue to help us as we support the expenses of the Seminary in India also. Please address your offerings to Bro. Abraham or Grace Baptist Mission indicating, "For: Abraham Thomas, India Seminary, or class room fund". The distribution in India will continued the same as it has all these years through Brother Abraham.


Please feel free to contact me any time if you have any questions.




Dave Gustafson, Modesto Dec. 2016



 Word of Truth Radio Service; landmark info


We call our churches Landmark Churches because we have been following the teachings and Articles of Faith all these years and have not departed from them. Remove not the Ancient Landmark, which thy fathers have set. Prov. 22:28., Deut. 19:14. The list of our Articles of Faith and What We Believe is found in What we believe

Christ's Church and Baptism 

by Bro. Brong

The Trail of Blood 

by J. M. Carroll





 Landmarkers were Calvinists* Before John Calvin

And Believed in Missions:

By Dave Gustafson


Disclaimer: By the term, Calvinistic, we mean that God's sovereignty precludes any

effort on mans part in his redemption and salvation. That it is the efficacious Grace of God

that draws man unto him, all of Grace not by any works.

We do not identify with Calvin but because of the past usage of the term

we make this report. We are better known as believers in the doctrine of grace.

So few people that claim to know the truth have no idea of their subject. The argument goes back to the beginning of America when there were two Baptist types called Regular Baptist and General Baptist. One Calvinistic and True church, the other modern and Arminian and general atonement in belief. The General Baptist finally chose to be identified with Protestantism and have no idea any more what a Baptist is. The first Association in the south was in Charleston in 1749 and was mostly made up of Calvinistic Regular Baptist, but there were some General Baptist mixed in because of distance. The Philadelphia Association was already operating before this and was made up of Regular Calvinistic Baptist strong on the Local Church and Baptism Succession. The southern association repeatedly asked the Philadelphia Association to send preachers to help with errors of the General Baptist persuasion.
I might add here that these views came over here and were already dealt with before in England and Wales. It has always been a problem where ever the Truth has been found among the True Churches.
These men re-baptized irregular church members and even reorganized many churches in the south. John Gano (1775) is a good study along these lines who was a Particular Baptist (Particular Redemption, Calvinistic) was very active dealing with the error of the General Baptist in the south.  Because of his work many churches were reorganized and added to the Philadelphia Association, preserving the truth. The battleground seemed to be centered around the Kehukee Association who were all reorganized, There were only three that were already Calvinistic, Mehrrin, Pungo, and Grassy Creek churches.
My Baptism and the succession of our churches date back to the Grassy Creek, where a great Missionary was sent out from a church in Kentucky that organized many Landmark Missionary Baptist Churches on The west coast under the authority of that Local Baptist Church (Landmarkism).
Where did Landmarkism come from? The Particular Baptist when the General Baptist were successful in swaying the Southern Baptist Convention to do mission work through The Board System independent of the Local Church  Authority. General Baptists always supported Mission Societies. There was a time that interfered with the true churches when a Scotch-Irish Presbyterian and his son Alexander Campbell were immersed by a Baptist from the Southern Baptist Home Missionary Society in 1812. This has been a thorn in the side of Baptists to this day. They kept the Protestant baptismal regeneration and never learned what Baptist Baptism was. They were not taught before they were accepted. This is the error of the General Baptist in doctrine that we suffer to this day. It got so bad that there was a meeting 1857, during the Southern Convention when J. R. Graves came on the scene complained about the way the board did business apart from church authority and advocated Pendleton and the Philadelphia Associations view on Landmarkism (missions under the local church authority).
The movement began 1840 (circa) when he opposed Campbell-ism. He published Old Landmark Re-set in 1854. In the convention of 1859 he failed to persuade them from departing from the mission board system. He stressed the cooperation between church to support missions and not the cooperation of the board system. In 1860 T.P. Crawford the missionary in China came on the scene, and when the board refused to ordain native preachers and organize native churches in China, he came to the convention in 1885 and voiced his displeasure of anti-self-propagating indigenous churches. (The board still controls churches) In 1890 he formed an association to support the China Missions and in 1892 published his views on Landmarkism.
Voicing a second deterrent to any rapid move toward the convention ideal of promoting all benevolence was introduced after 1851 by J. R. Graves and the Landmarkers, who opposed authorizing any non-local body to enlarge the area of its benevolent work. In 1905 the convention refused the request of B. M. Bogard and Landmarkers in its way of doing missions. They resigned and formed what is known today as Missionary Baptist. Assoc., who today, are in support of board supported missions.
The key to it all is, that any time there is a departure from the authority under the Lord's New Testament church, it will fail and become the works of man. It all comes down to greed and the control of money. Remember who held the money purse for the Apostles?
Benevolent societies is of man and anti-Lord’s Church and of the Devil.
The only authority is in the New Testament Church according to the Bible, Matt 28:19-21.

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Messages from other Preachers

In the Beginning God

Pastor Glenn Archer, Kirksville, Missouri

Can you imagine a time when there was nothing but God?  Can you imagine a being that never had a beginning and never has an end?  The concept of a self-existent God is more than our minds can conceive, yet this is just how God presents Himself to us in the Holy Scriptures.  The Bible speaks of our Lord Jesus Christ as "having neither beginning of days nor end of life."  (Hebrews 7:3)  When Moses would know the Name of God, Jehovah replied, "I Am that I am.  Say to the children of Israel, 'I Am has sent me unto you."  (Exodus 3:14)
God of His own sovereign choice created the Heavens and the Earth.  He was under no constraint to do so.  "By the Word of the Lord were the heavens made and all the hosts of them by the Word of His Mouth....For He spake and it was done; He commanded and it stood fast."  (Psalm 33:6&9)  Can you imagine a God so great that by His own volition He speaks and the worlds come into existence?  When I look at the worlds He has made, I cannot help but stand in awe of such a Being.  Can we do otherwise?  Let us fall down and worship God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth.
God according to His good pleasure created man and breathed into his nostrils the
breath of life.  Man became a living soul.   To this newly created being God gave volition and intellect.  God created a being that could freely choose to obey the sovereign will of God  or he could choose not to obey.  We all know the choice man made.  The shape our world is in today is the result of that fateful choice.  Man chose to disobey and plunged the world into spiritual darkness, chaos, and ruin.  "The wages of sin is death."
(Romans 6:23)  All the heartache, all the pain, all the suffering we experience comes from this dread choice.  It is painfully evident now that "all have sinned and come short of the glory of God."  (Romans 3:23) But God has devised means, that His banished be not expelled from Him (II Samuel 14:14)  God has made a way for fallen sinners to come back to God.  Our Lord Jesus Christ took upon Himself a robe of human flesh.  He is at once God and man.  The great "I Am" became man.  He in a robe of flesh bore our sins on Calvary's Cross.  He became surety for the sinner.  He took our blame.  He bore our sins.  He paid our debt.
Having discharged this awesome task giving His life up in death, He conquered death and arose triumphant over death and hell and the grave.  Hallelujah, "Christ Arose."  It is still true at this glad hour, "He that believes on the Son has everlasting life."  (John 3:36) "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that everyone believing on Him should not perish but have everlasting life."  (John 3:16)  Yes, God has made a way.
We pray you in Christ stead, be reconciled to God.  (II Corinthians 5:20)  "The Spirit and the Bride say, Come.  Let him that hears say, Come.  Let him that is thirsty come.  Whosoever will let him take of the water of life freely."  (Revelation 22:17)

About being yourself

I do think that we who have it all together really only see it one way and find it hard to be our selves. Until we can be ourselves we cannot even begin to understand others and our relationships with them. It is all in interacting with others. That is why we stress equally yoked together with the Lord before being equally yoked together in marriage. In marriage, we become one and if we are divided on religion then the oneness is also divided and there is confusion. This confusion brings with it division and conflict. Until both are right on their faith, peace is impossible.. The hardest part in learning how to keep a marriage together is to be mature enough to accept the other as they are and give in to make things work for each other. That is impossible for those who are not able to be themselves. Why? Because as soon as a problem is solved it becomes a new problem as the cause will still evade the issues. How does one become him or herself? Here are some things to think about.


Start thinking about the things that make us what we are. If you use a Bible basis for the answers you are on the right track to learn who you are. Note; we will never be perfect and in control, but at least we will know who we are and where we are so adaptation is possible on a level ground. Hope this will start a discussion point. There are other sites that deal with Anxiety Disorders on the WEB. Dave... 11/96

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