Books I Have Read (Part three)
     In  2001 after June 15, 2001 below

     By Dave Gustafson, 1999 Back to Welcome Page There have been many books read by me over the years and I will attempt to list them here as best I can recall. The most recent books will be listed first and I will try to give my feelings about them. I could not find any reason to read until I was in High School, when a teacher, whom I credit for my future education and learning, suggested I read what seemed to be interesting to me and on the subjects I was interested in about in my life. I was a Cowboy, probably always was, and I loved animals and the great out of doors and the freedom of the early Cowboys as they roamed the open prairies when cattle was king. I guess it has always been in me to roam after the same instinct of those early pioneers and Cowboys. It is the reason I suppose, that drove people here to America from Europe.

    I guess from an early age I was a roamer and would often wander away so as to make my parents (mother) think I was lost. I always knew where I was. I would plan my roaming trips as to allow a determined amount of time not to raise suspicion  that I was away roaming. It was sort of another life I led one of adventure. I always was eager to go someplace, when my family or a group was to travel or visit places such as trips to the city (San Francisco) and the Zoo or park.

    I remember once when I was up at a family camp in the mountains and while wandering came across a road bed out in the middle of the forest. It went on for miles and I tried to follow it wondering what it was for and who made it. Just finding a place to wander was the adventure that drove me. I would think of places to go that no one else had gone before (My Friends and Relatives) so as to have a place all my own. I recall one of my greatest adventures, that took me to the Treasures of The Sierra Mountains in Mexico back in the late 50’s when seven of us took an Acapulco Taxi into the hills to find that special place in the imagination of the adventurer Humphrey Bogart in his movie of the same name. What an adventure to go up into those mountains where few Americans have gone to find the very site where they filmed the movie and to see all the actual places used in the movie. To sit at the little round table where the author penned the famous story of greed and gold. The remnant of Poncho Vila's army there with their bandoleers and long rifles, probably old extras used in the movie that cornered Bogart and poured out his sacks of gold thinking it was sand. We took a school teacher with us and he interpreted for us all the explanations we got from all those in that little town. If I had hot read the story and seen the movie, I would have never known that adventure. We kept repeating, “I don't got to show you no stinking badges!”

    Getting back to reading; this year I read a book on the Sierra Rail Road, and the beginning from Riverbank through Oakdale and on to Jamestown on the way to Yosemite and all the history in between. The continuation up into the Yosemite Valley and all over the Sierras where the road bed went to the trees that were cut and brought to Tuolumne City and the Pickering Saw Mill. The original reason for the railroad was to bring ore down from the mines. The second reason was to bring timber down to the mines. The third was to bring tourist (adventurers) to Yosemite from San Francisco. The forth reason was to bring Marble and timber to Build San Francisco. Guess what, I found out who put that road bed in and what it was that I followed through the Sierras when I was at camp. It was the railroad that went all the way to big trees where I traveled on the old road bed from Sonora to Arnold and the big trees with my old Volkswagen over those dusty roads in the 60’s.  I never knew what those name were about as Camp 9 and Camp 6 along the rivers up there, they were railroad camps. That brings to memory when I was a little kid I saw the movie Sara toga Trunk, and was disappointed when I missed the trunk. Where was the trunk? I was looking for a trunk that one would put clothes in. It wasn't until a couple of years ago I read the book and realized it was a railroad trunk, the it all made sense. Reading opens the world to the adventurer.

    When I was in high school, and the teacher suggested I read those books that matched my likes, I started reading about the old west, not novels, but real life stories. The author I fell in love with was Will James who could write and draw just as it was from a real life cowboy. All his books kept me on the edge of my seat and just could not get enough. I read all of his stories and now they are collectors and very rare. I read the whole story this year again and it brought back memories. I also read all of Charley Russell's books too.
    Anyway, here is a list of the books I have read, hope they might cause you to check them out from your local Library and enjoy some of the things I have.  There are also Audio Books and they are great while traveling. If you wonder when I find time to read, well, I speed read now and that really makes reading fun. If you can find a speed reading class, take it! It will open up a world you never knew existed and that will never be boring. I read about 3 to 5 books a week now and usually read about 10 - to - 20 books at a time. When I get stir crazy, I just go down to Barns and Noble and pull up a chair and read a book. It only takes about and hour or so and is cheap entertainment. I have been reading travel books and planning my trip to India. 

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    Here is the list:  part three, 2001: continued From Part one. 2003 included.

  1. Crypto; by Levy
  2. Pontius Pilate; by Ann Wroe. A good read, not a great read but; good. I was an insight on the most insignificant great man in history and what may have been going through his mind as he dealt with Jesus. Imposable to know and understand a sovereign God and predestination all the time thinking himself to be the only intelligent person on the earth at the time. The fool does not know what he is up to nor why. The book is about this person that has no history and is about what the author guesses what he may have been like. Only two pages are written in history by two authors of his time. I give you an understanding of who he was and why he ended up in Jerusalem at the time and what may have happened to him after. The author does honor Christ...
  3. Bobos in Paradise; by David Brooks. A good read see review.
  4. PARALLAX, by Alan W. Hirshfeld; I just finished reading this book about the challenge of finding how far away the stars and planets are from earth. The calculating of distance in space and the history behind astronomy and the telescopes that were made to figure these distances. To understand their experiment, look at an object across the room and hold your finger in front of your nose. Close one eye at a time and notice how your finger moves back and forth. This book tell you why that happens.
  5. Desire of the Everlasting Hills, Thomas Cahill; The world before and after Jesus. This was a real good read. It was fast and easy to follow. The writer was looking at the subject from a historical view and did a pretty good job of it and made it interesting even to the non-religious reader. I was impressed at the detail of the political atmosphere described in the book. We all have our view of Christ and his ministry, however the author did not seem to step on anyone's toes.
  6. The FBI, Ronald Kessler; The inside story of the FBI and its scandals with all the snafus and how they were over come.
  7. Jihad vs. The Mc World,
  8. Jihad,
2003 Books read.
  1. The Last book read in 2003 was The Da Vinci Code. It was a good read and an exciting mystery having to do with art, history, secrete sects, and codes to the secrete of the Challis Mystery of old time. It has some hard to believe and weird thoughts on Christianity and the church which are of human imaginations as opposed to scripture, but that is what some think. Other than that, it gives a good understanding of how Da Vinci fooled the church and made fun of what was believed in his day. You will have to read this book to find out all the weird things people and secret sects believe. Just remember it is a novel!
  2. Other books I tried to read were unsuitable for comment.
  3. The greatest book I have been reading is a theology book called; Dr. Gill's Commentary. It gives the best understanding of scripture I believe there is today in one commentary.
  4. How the Scots Invented the Modern World
    by Arthur Herman. An excellent book and I do not remember just when I read it, but I liked it so much I bought a copy for my own reference.