1. The list continues with Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, in Love; Richard Carlson, Ph.D.

  2. great read on marriages and loving relationships.
  3. Dutch, by McCullough, a view of Regan's life as he was. Great read.
  4. Dr. Laura
  5. Red Azalea, by Anchee Min. This was a real stark reality of the life under the Red guard and its recruiting of children starting as early as 5 years old. The frank language is much too hard for some to endure, however, brings out the reality of what true communism really is. It is raw and with out emotion and there is no feeling what so ever in those who have grown up in its tragic grasp. There is no except, however this one made it and is living proof that communism is not perfect. A good read, fast but in little girl talk of an immature teenager.
  6. The Greatest Generation, by Tom Brokaw. Tells about all our heroes nobody has heard of.
  7. Day of Deceit : The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor by Robert B. Stinnett
  8. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Book 4) by J. K. Rowling. Review By email only if requested.
  9. Misl. books not worth naming.
  10. The Holy War by John Bunyon.
  11. Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyon.
  12. Me Talk Pretty One Day; How speech therapy helps children who are behind in our society. Everyone should read this one. I remember first hand the feeling.
  13. Book of Crapes & Omelets
  14. Jefferson Bible; not the King James but from the same text with the atonement removed along with Christ's deity. A pure humanist work with out a sovereign God.
  15. Creole Gumbo and all that jazz; Best Cajun cook book I have seen and so I bought it.
  16. The 9 steps to financial freedom; good read.
  17. Bogle's books; Mutual funds and Common sense on mutual funds.
  18. The Money Game
  19. Intelligent Investor
  20. Misl. travel videos
  21. Forced into Glory; Abraham Lincoln's White Dream. A great read about the hidden agenda in the Emancipation Proclamation that wasn't. Politicians say as little as they have to and much about nothing for us to swallow their deals. A must read for all history buffs of American Civil War. It is listed in our Book Store.
  22. With Charity for All; Lincoln's restoration of the Union. A good read but a text book study of everything that was not said in the documents to end the war. Also a must for political studies of the terms of the restoration.
  23. George Eliot's Novels and poems; interesting.
  24. The African Queen; Books on tape, read by Richard Green. #1350 More exciting than the movie.
  25. Why Be A Baptist; H. Boyce Taylor, Sr. (Third time, excellent.)
  26. Ulysses Found; by Ernle Bradford. Tracing Homer's Odyssey based on fact. Sail with him through the eyes of the writer. A sailors story on the Mediterranean in his own small yacht not much larger than Ulysses small black boat with the exciting clues in the Odyssey. Super read!
  27. A charge to keep.1Cor. 4:2; by George W. Bush.
  28. First Son by George W. Bush 
  29. Great Political Wit by Bob Dole
  30. The War Journal of Major Damon; This is a great read on the escape from Corregidor to Australia in a 20 foot sail boat through Japanese patrolled waters and the faithful Philippine people along the way. He thanked God all the way.
  31. life is so good by George Dawson. 101 year old son of a slave who did not learn to read till he was 98 years old. One of my best reads.
  32. The Making of the President 1789; Marvin Kitzman. The real George Washington not taught in school. The man no one since has held a candle to not even Bill. What PR can do to make a great general who never was.
  33. An American Story; by Debra J. Dickerson. Moving up the hard way. One can not go back. Good read.
  34. 5/01: An hour before Daylight; Jimmy Carter. This was a great read to learn what it was like, growing up in Plains, GA in the thirties. It shows the benefits of raising up a child and the interrelations of the races. 
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