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The Birdhouse BBS has been on line as a personal BBS for over 9 years. It has been running on an old 286 Machine at 2400 BAUD modem. The old board is still here undergoing maintenance and may not recover the hard disk crash. The old 251 40 meg hard drive has finally gave up the ghost. I will try to keep it going here as long as the language rules still are observed, no cussing, no bad words, and no name calling. Keep it nice and we will have a forum for inter-active thought.


I can't believe it is still here as i haven't looked at it for years. Danny asked me if it was still running and I told him it crashed but still on line here. No one looks at it any more. Check out friends to see our newer cat etc.
Big Bird, SYSOP  Friends

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    Lola Says Hello,
she is at a new home and it is quiet here now.
  Ollie The Mitrid Conure he is also at a new home and it is very quiet now too.  The Zoo
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Comments and Suggestions

M1 I just posted the first message on the Birdhouse. The old one died from a crashed head on the hard drive.
The Birdhouse is a friendly place to voice your opinion about anything on your mind. Just post it in the form below or E-mail the SYSOP. Keep it clean and keep it straight. Politics and religions welcomed.
Dave... 11/2/97

M2 Come on and write something.
This is your chance to be heard by all.
Dave... 9/12/98

M3 I almost forgot about this old place until someone sent in an add.
Dave... 7/26/03

M4  Sun Conures (6 month old) for sale with cage 600 $ or best offer 
Mike Pongrass, Cleveland, Ohio, (might deliver) 440-477-8744

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